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GST11-C 100 ul $195.00

Recombinant purified Glutathione Transferase, GST (E. coli), WB +ve control

AntigenBacterial GST (Schistosoma japonicum, ~27 kda) was expressed in E. coli and purified (>97%). For WB +ve control, Cat # GST11-C, is formulated in SDS-PAGE sample buffer (reduced). This preparation is not biologically inactive. It is not suitable for ELISA or other applications where native protein is required. It is supplied in 100 ul/vial. For WB, heat once and load 10 ul/lane and visualize with appropriate antibodies (#GST11-S or GST11-A or GST12-M). This preparation is intended for qualitative purpose and not to serve as standard of known concentration
FormProtein Control
Product TypeWB Control
SpeciesReactivityE. coli


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