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MYC13-HRP 100 ul $295.00

Anti-c-Myc epitope (fusion tag) IgG-HRP conjugate

Antigen10-aa peptide from human myc protein (aa 410-419 aa; EQK LIS EED L) Designated (MYC13-P or control peptide) conjugated to KLH; epitope location ~ C-terminus of Myc
FormAntibody Pure IgG
Product TypeAntibodies
SpCrossreactivityAntibodies react with native and denatured myc-tag containing proteins. The antibodies detect the myc-tagged fusion proteins contain the tag at either the N or C-terminus. Recombinant human full length his-tag cMYC protein (#MYC16-C) or 9-kda Myc-tag containing protein (#MYC15-R) can also be used as positive protein controls for Western
SpeciesReactivityAll species
SugNegativeControlNon-immune Rabbit IgG Cat# 20009-1


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