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APOJ36-R-10 10 ug $295.00

Recombinant (HEK 293) purified Human ApoJ (Clusterin/Apolipoprotein J) protein for ELISA

AntigenHuman ApoJ (#APOJ36-R-10) was expressed as a recombinant protein with N-terminal fusion of T7-Tag (16AA) and C-terminal fusion of His-Tag (9AA). The ApoJ Human His-Tagged Fusion Protein, produced in E.coli, is ~26 kDa protein containing 222 amino acid residues of the APO-J Human and 25 additional amino acid residues ? His-Tag, T7-Tag. Purity is >95% by SDS-APGE (~26 kda).
FormProtein Control
Product TypeRecombinant Protein


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