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Rabbit Anti-Goat. IgG (H+L)-Alk. Phosphatase conjugate

AntigenIgG (whole IgG)
FormAlk. Phos. Conjugate
MSDSContains 02-05% (v/v) sodium merthiolate (thimerosal)
Product TypeSecondary Antibodies
SpCrossreactivitySpecificity has been tested using IEP, immunodiffusion, and ELISA. The product reacts with Goat IgG (H+L chain). The antibody may recognize other species IgG?s that have common IgG light chains. However, no antibody is detected to other serum proteins.
SugApplicationsELISA, Western, IHC (immunohistochemistry) or other applications where Alk. Phos. antibody enzyme is required.
SugNegativeControlControl (non-immune) Rabbit IgG #20009-1


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