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Mouse Circulating Immune Complexes (CIC) Ig's (total (A+G+M) ELISA kit, 96 Tests, Qualitative

FormStds=-ve and +ve controls; Sample=100 ul (1:100); 75 min assay; Qualitative; Ag-based Ab assay, 96 tests
KitContents1. Purified C1q Coated Mirowells(96wells) 59012. Mouse CIC negative serum, control (10X), 0.15 ml 59023. Mouse CIC Positive serum, control (10X), 0.15 ml 59034. Goat Anti-mouse IgG (H+L)-HRP Conjugate (100X), 0.2 ml 59045. Confirmatory Solution (green color); 10 ml 59056. Sample Diluent, Red Color (10X), 10ml SD-107. Wash solution (100X), 10 ml WB-1008. TMB Substrate Solution; 12 ml 800919. Stop Solution; 12 ml 8010110. Complete Instruction Manual M-5900
MSDSTMB (substrate), H2SO4 (1% in a buffered stop solution), and Prolcin-300 (0.1% v/v in standards, sample diluent and HRP-conjugates
Product TypeELISA Kit
SamplesSerum. Plasma, Culture medium and other fluids may be adapted
SpCrossreactivityMicrotiter plate in this kit has been coated with purified C1q and it only binds CIC. Any positives must be confirmed by diluting it with Confirmatory Solution. This kit is designed to The end-point cutoff values must be established for each group of animals or strains for proper interpretation of positive results. This kit detects CIC (IgG+A+M) in mouse serum. It is possible to use isotype specific anti-mouse Ig, such as anti-mouse IgM or anti-mouse IgG1-HRP, to measure isotype specific antibodies.


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