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Mouse Anti-Jo-1 Ig's (total) ELISA Kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

KitContents1. Purified Jo Coated strip plate (8 wells x 12 strips) 6006 2. Mouse anti-JO Ig?s std A ( 0 ng/ml), 0.750ml 6007 3. Mouse anti-JO Ig?s std B (31.25 ng/ml), 0.750ml. 6008 4. Mouse anti-JO Ig?s std C (62.5 ng/ml), 0.750 ml. 6009 5. Mouse anti-JO Ig?s std D (125 ng/ml), 0.750 ml. 6010 6. Mouse anti-JO Ig?s std E (250 ng/ml), 0.750 ml. 6011 7. Mouse anti-JO Ig?s std F (500 ng/ml), 0.750 ml. 6012 8. Goat Anti-mouse IgG (H+L)-HRP conjugate (100X) 0.120 ml 6013 9. Sample Diluent, (10x), 10ml SD-10 10. Wash Solution (100X), 10 ml WB-100 11. TMB Substrate solution, 12 ml 80091 12. Stop solution, 12 ml 80101 13. Complete Instruction Manual. M-6005
MSDSTMB (substrate), H2SO4 (1% in a buffered stop solution), and Prolcin-300 (0.1% v/v in standards, sample diluent and HRP-conjugates
Product TypeKit
SamplesSerum. Plasma, Culture medium and other fluids may be adapted
SpCrossreactivityJo-1 coating antigen has been immunoaffinity purified from rabbit/calf thymus using anti-Jo-1 Sepharose. Other antigens (Sm, RNP, SSA, Scl-70, and SSB0 are not detected with the ELISA. Homogeneity of Jo-1 is also verified by SDS-PAGE.. This kit measures anti-Jo Ig's (IgG+A+M) in mouse serum. It is possible to use isotype specific anti-mouse Ig, such as anti-mouse IgM or anti-mouse IgG1-HRP, to measure isotype specific antibodies.


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