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Human Pregnolone ELISA Kit, 96 tests, Quantitative

FormStds=0-25 ng/ml; Sample=50 ul; Sensitivity= 05 ng/ml; 75 min assay; Quantitative; Competitive assay; 96 tests
KitContentsPlease refer to complete instructions manual supplied with the product
MSDSTMB (substrate), H2SO4 (1% in a buffered stop solution), and Prolcin-300 (0.1% v/v in standards, sample diluent and HRP-conjugates
Product TypeKit
SamplesSerum. Other fluids not optimized.
SpCrossreactivityThe following compounds were tested for cross-reactivity with the Direct Pregnenolone ELISA kit with pregnenolone cross-reacting at 100%: Pregnenolone (100%), Progesterone (6%), Dehydroisoandrosterone (5.2%), 5a-Androstandiol (4.7%). Epiandrosterone, Pregnenolone Sulfate, Androstandione, 5a-Androsterone, DHEAS, Etiocholanolone were <1%. The following steroids were tested but cross-reacted at less than 0.1%: Adrenosterone, Aldosterone, Androstenedione, Cholesterol, Corticosterone, 5a-DHT, 17ß-Estradiol, Estriol and Testosterone. Pregnolonekit has been designed and tested for human serum samples. It may be optimized for other biological fluids. It has not been tested in animals (rat, mouse, etc). Since the steroid hormone is the same in all species, this kit should work in most species as long as the sample cocn is within the range of this kit.
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