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20007-6-100 100 ug $195.00

Human IgA1 (myeloma) purified

AntigenPurified Protein
FormNormal Control Ig's
Product TypePure Ig's
SpCrossreactivityHuman IgA1 was purified (>97% by SDS-PAGE) from myeloma donor. Purified IgA1 produced single arc by immunoelectrophoresis against antiserum to whole human serum and human IgA1. Myeloma proteins are usually heterogeneous with respect to molecular weight; this preparation may contain both monomeric and multimeric forms of IgA1. The isotype of the light chain (kappa or lambda) will vary from batch to batch depending on the starting material.
SugApplicationsThis preparation of normal (control) IgA is suitable for coating the ELISA plates or as a non-immune control for ELISA, dot blot, Western or IHC. Recommended testing concn. is approx. 1-10 ug/ml. It can laso be used to prepare immunoadorbent to remove or to purify antibodies from crude antiserum.
SugSecAntibodiesThis is a purified Ig?s purified from sera of various species. It is typically used as antigen for ELISA coating or as ?ve control for various primary antibodies derived from the same host species (example: rabbit control IgG will serve as ?ve control f


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