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ATR31-P 100 ug $95.00

Human Anthrax toxin receptor 3 protein Control/blocking peptide # 1

Antigen14-aa peptide of Human ATR-3 (1); Designated (ATR31-P or control peptide). Epitope location ~ internal (middle region)
FormAntigen/blocking Peptide
Product TypePeptide
SpCrossreactivityMouse ATR31-P control peptide is 100% conserved in human ATR-3 protein. No significant homology exists with ATR1 or ATR-2 forms. Antibody cross-reactivity in various species is not known.
SugApplicationsControl or blocking peptides are recommended for ELISA plate coating for direct ELISA testing of antibodies or competitive ELISA, and antibody blocking or neutralization.


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