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GSTM12-S 100 ul $335.00

Anti-Human Glutathione Transferase mu (GST-mu) antiserum

AntigenFull length Human GST-mu/GST M1-1 fusion protein with N-terminal His-tag (25 Kda) (Cat # GSTM12-C) was expressed in E. coli and purified to >95%.
FormAntiserum Unpurified
Product TypePrimary Antibodies
SpCrossreactivityRabbit Anti-human GST-mu, produced against native full-length proteins is likely to crossreact with GST-mu from other species (mouse, rat, etc.). No crossreactivity is seen with other GST isoforms (alpha and pi).
SugApplicationsMost Antibodies are tested by ELISA and Western. Additional applications, such as IHC or IP may have been tested and will be listed in the product data sheets or published research papers using our products. Typically, antibodies are tested against the
SugNegativeControlNon-immune Rabbit IgG Cat# 20009-1
SugPositiveControlRecombinant or naturally purified proteins or cells of tissues expressing the protein under study can be used as positive controls for Western or IHC. Please review the ?General Information? tan under Product overview section. Control or blocking peptid