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Cytochrome P450 (CYP1B1/CYP26A1)
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Home Page >Online Product Catalog > Primary Antibodies > Cytochrome P450 (CYP1B1/CYP26A1) > Anti-Mouse CYP1B1 peptide antiserum #2 (Primary Antibodies)

Anti-Mouse CYP1B1 peptide antiserum #2

Catalog# Product Description Product Type Antibody Type Size Price
CYP1B12-S Anti-Mouse CYP1B1 peptide antiserum #2 Primary Antibodies Rabbit-Poly 100 ul $335.00


Most Antibodies are tested by ELISA and Western. Additional applications, such as IHC or IP may have been tested and will be listed in the product data sheets or published research papers using our products. Typically, antibodies are tested against the


Non-immune Rabbit IgG Cat# 20009-1

Antiserum Unpurified

Recombinant or naturally purified proteins or cells of tissues expressing the protein under study can be used as positive controls for Western or IHC. Please review the “General Information” tan under Product overview section. Control or blocking peptid

18-aa peptide of Mouse CYP1B1 (accession #Q64429; Designated (#CYP1B12-P or control peptide) conjugated to KLH; epitope location ~ N-terminus

Mouse CYP1B12-P sequence is 100% conserved in rat CYP1B1 and no significant conservation in human. ADI has made # CPYP1b11-A that is suitable for human CYP1B1. Antibody crossreactivity in all various is not established

For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Data Sheets


General Information

CYP1B1 (Cytochrome P450 family 1, subfamily B, polypeptide 1) a 543aa enzyme in mouse, rat and human( chr:2p22) belongs to a multigene superfamily of monomeric mixed-function monooxygenases, responsible for the phase 1 metabolism of a wide range of struct

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ADI Product Used Authors, Year, Journal, Title Technique used Comments
CYP1A1 Ab#CYP1B11-A Tsuchiya Y  2006  Cancer Res. 66: 9090 - 9098  MicroRNA Regulates the Expression of Human Cytochrome P450 1B1 &n   human MCF7, HEK cells expressing Cyp1a1 an dcyp1b1 genes
CYP1A1 Ab#CYP1B11-A Holme AJ  2007  Chemico-Biological Interactions, Volume 167, Issue 1, 5 April 2007, Pages 41-55  Different mechanisms involved in apoptosis following exposure to benzo[a]pyrene in F258 and Hepa1c1c7 cells &n   anti-cyp1b1 antibody, with no clear host indication; mouse liver
CYP1A1 Ab#CYP1B11-A Dragin N  2007  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Volume 359, Issue 3, 3 August 2007, Pages 635-642  Generation of ‘humanized’ hCYP1A1_1A2_Cyp1a1/1a2(-/-) mouse line &n   mouse liver and intestine, cup1++ and cyp1-/-
CYP1B1 Ab#CYP1B11-A Tsuchiya Y  2004  Cancer Res., 66, 9090-9098  Human CYP1B1 Is Regulated by Estradiol via Estrogen Receptor &n   human endometrial cells; PF-paraffin sections
CYP1B1 Ab#CYP1B11-A Ragavan N  2004  Cancer Lett., 215, 1, 8 November , 69-78  CYP1B1 expression in prostate is higher in the peripheral than in the transition zone &n   human prostate tissues
CYP1B1 Ab#CYP1B11-A Desaulniers D  2005  Toxicol. Sci., 86, 175-184  Comparisons of brain, uterus and liver mRNA expression for cytochrome P450s, DNA methyltransferase-1, and catechol-o-methyltransferase in prepubertal female Sprague Dawley rats exposed to a mixture of aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonists &n  
CYP1B1 AbCYP1B11-A Tsuchiya Y  2006  Cancer Res. 66: 9090 - 9098  MicroRNA Regulates the Expression of Human Cytochrome P450 1B1 &n   human MCF7, HEK cells expressing Cyp1a1 an dcyp1b1 genes
CYP1B1 AbCYP1B11-A Tsuchiya Y  2004  Cancer Res., 64: 3119 - 3125  Human CYP1B1 Is Regulated by Estradiol via Estrogen Receptor &n   human endometrial cells; PF-paraffin sections
CYP1B1 AbCYP1B11-A Scallet AC  2005  J. Chemical Neuroanatomy, 29, 71-80  Sex differences in cytochrome P450 1B1, an estrogen-metabolizing enzyme, in the rhesus monkey telencephalon &n   rhesus monkey
CYP1B1-mouse Ab#? Uno S  2007  Free Radical Biology and Medicine, In Press  Basal and inducible CYP1 mRNA quantitation and protein localization throughout the mouse gastrointestinal tract &n   We also used a rabbit polyclonal anti-mouse CYP1B1 antibody that had been developed in our laboratory in collaboration with Alpha Diagnostic International (1:125; San Antonio, TX); this antibody recognizes mouse CYP1B1 protein better than three other antibodies we have tested [6]. The amino acid sequences used to make the peptide immunogen for the anti-CYP1B1 antibody were a combination of 301EKKASGAPGDDSSG312, 437PEDFDPARFLDKDGF451, and 491CNFKANQNESSNMS504
CYP26A1 Ab#CYP26A11-A Villani MG  2004  Clin. Cancer Res., 10: 6265 - 6275  Identification of the Fenretinide Metabolite 4-Oxo-Fenretinide Present in Human Plasma and Formed in Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cells through Induction of Cytochrome P450 26A1 &n   human ovarian carcinoma cell line A2780
CYP26A1 Ab#CYP26A11-A Heise R  2006  Journal of Investigative Dermatology 126, 2473 - 2480  Skin Retinoid Concentrations Are Modulated by CYP26AI Expression Restricted to Basal Keratinocytes in Normal Human Skin and Differentiated 3D Skin Models &n  
CYP26A1 Ab#CYP26A11-A Catherino WH  2007  Fertility and Sterility, Volume 87, Issue 6, June 2007, Pages 1388-1398  Uterine leiomyomas express a molecular pattern that lowers retinoic acid exposure &n   human myometrium
CYP26A1 Ab#CYP26A11-A Chang C-L  2007  Oncogene in press  A novel role for the retinoic acid-catabolizing enzyme CYP26A1 in Barrett's associated adenocarcinoma &n   cyp26a1 expressed and tested with antibodies; The expression of CYP26A1 (green) was confirmed by immunofluorescence in GihTERT cells stably transfected with pCEP4 empty vector or pCEP4-CYP26A1
D1R ab# D1R11-A Silvers JM  2007  NeuroToxicology, 28, 1184-1190  Neurotoxicity of HIV-1 Tat protein: Involvement of D1 dopamine receptor &n   rat midbrain, hippocampal cell cultures; ab used @1:1K

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