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Home Page >Online Product Catalog > Primary Antibodies > Control IgGs (Non-immune) > Mouse IgG F(c)-HRP conjugate (isotype control) (Pure Ig's)

Mouse IgG F(c)-HRP conjugate (isotype control)

Catalog# Product Description Product Type Antibody Type Size Price
20008-Fc-HP Mouse IgG F(c)-HRP conjugate (isotype control) Pure Ig's 100 ug $95.00

Pure Protein

This preparation of normal (control) IgG is suitable for coating the ELISA plates or as a non-immune control (-ve control) for ELISA, dot blot, Western or IHC. It can also be used to prepare immunoadorbent affinity column to remove certain antibodies or


For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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ADI Product Used Authors, Year, Journal, Title Technique used Comments
Hamster IgG control #20003-1 DiPaola R  2004  Clinical Immunol., 113, 64-73  Prevention of carrageenan-induced pleurisy in mice by anti-CD30 ligand monoclonal antibody &n  
IgG Rabbit control #20009 Jin VX  2006  Genome Res., Dec 2006; 16: 1585 - 1595.  A computational genomics approach to identify cis-regulatory modules from chromatin immunoprecipitation microarray data—A case study using E2F1 &n   chromatin microarray
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Bieda M  2006  Genome Res., 16: 595 - 605  Unbiased location analysis of E2F1-binding sites suggests a widespread role for E2F1 in the human genome &n  
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Jahr H  2006  BBRC 337, 349-354  Identification of acid-sensing ion channels in bone &n   human bone cells
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Blanchet MR  2007  J. Leukoc. Biol., May 2007; 81: 1245 - 1251  Modulation of eosinophil activation in vitro by a nicotinic receptor agonist &n   used as control for nACHR antibodies
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Jahr H  2005  BBRC 337, 349-454  Identification of acid-sensing ion channels in bone &n   human osteoblast and PBMC cells, used in IHC
Coating buffer Sow FB  2007  J. Leukoc. Biol., Oct 2007; 82: 934 - 945.  Expression and localization of hepcidin in macrophages: a role in host defense against tuberculosis &n   raw cells mouse macrophage Hepcidin secreted into the culture media and intracellular hepcidin were measured by a competitive chemiluminescence ELISA with biotinylated mouse hepcidin
Control IgG -goat#20011 Green MML  2005  British J. Cancer 92, 449-458  Expression of the proapoptotic protein Bid is an adverse prognostic factor for radiotherapy outcome in carcinoma of the cervix &n  
Control IgG -goat#20011 Usui T  2004  Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci., 45: 368 - 374  VEGF164(165) as the Pathological Isoform: Differential Leukocyte and Endothelial Responses through VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 &n   control IgG for R&D VEGFR1 ab
Control IgG -human#20007 Denny MF  2006  J. Immunol., Feb 2006; 176: 2095 - 2104  Accelerated Macrophage Apoptosis Induces Autoantibody Formation and Organ Damage in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus &n   serum IgG,
Control IgG -human#20007 Owens GP  2007  J. Virol., Dec 2006; 80: 12121 - 12130  Screening Random Peptide Libraries with Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis Brain-Derived Recombinant Antibodies Identifies Multiple Epitopes in the C-Terminal Region of the Measles Virus Nucleocapsid Protein &n   used hIgG for control RIA
Control IgG -mouse #20008 Zhao Y-G  2003  J. Biol. Chem., 278: 15056 - 15064  Activation of Pro-gelatinase B by Endometase/Matrilysin-2 Promotes Invasion of Human Prostate Cancer Cells &n   used control mIgG
Control IgG -mouse#20008 Tsutsui JM  2004  J. the Am. College Cardiology, 44, 5, 1036-1046  Detection of retained microbubbles in carotid arteries with real-time low mechanical index imaging in the setting of endothelial dysfunction &n  
Control IgG -rabbit#20009 Brand-Schieber E  2004  Brain Res., 1007, s 1-2, 178-182  Select ionotropic glutamate AMPA/kainate receptors are expressed at the astrocyte–vessel interface &n  
Control IgG -rabbit#20009 Chittajallu R  2005  J. Neurosci., Sep 2005; 25: 8601 - 8610  Downregulation of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor- Receptor-Mediated Tyrosine Kinase Activity as a Cellular Mechanism for K+-Channel Regulation during Oligodendrocyte Development In Situ &n   control IgG for rb
Control IgG -rabbit#20009 Fischer H  2005  J. Neurosci., 25: 3571 - 3577  Selective Modulation of Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Channel Subunits by Go-Protein Subunits &n  
Control Rabbit IgG Fulzele K  2007  J. Biol. Chem., Aug 2007; 282: 25649 - 25658  Disruption of the IGF-1 receptor in osteoblasts enhances insulin signaling and action &n   non-immune rabbit serum IgG; mouse Osteoblast

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