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Home Page >Online Product Catalog > 2-Antibodies & ELISA Reagents > Normal Pre-immune (control) Serum > Baboon control (non-immunized) serum, Adult mixed sex (Serum)

Baboon control (non-immunized) serum, Adult mixed sex

Catalog# Product Description Product Type Antibody Type Size Price
NBBS-5 Baboon control (non-immunized) serum, Adult mixed sex Serum 5 ml $395.00

Normal serum

This preparation of normal control serum is suitable for blocking in a given immunoassay or to serve as non-immune serum control for various primary antiserum. It may not be an ideal negative control for all primary antibodies as it is preferred to use the serum from the same animal before any immunization. Control serum should be diluted the same way as the antiserum. It may also be used to pre-treat the antibody beads during the immunoprecipitation to suppress non-specific adsorption of primary antibodies. Another use could be to use it as –ve (negative) control in ELISA for various primary antibodies, for which no pre-immune is available.

This is a purified Ig’s purified from sera of various species. It is typically used as antigen for ELISA coating or as –ve control for various primary antibodies derived from the same host species (example: rabbit control IgG will serve as –ve control f


For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Data Sheets


General Information

Baboon whole blood is collected from healthy animals (mixed breed either sex = 1 yr old). The blood is refrigerated within 6 hours and processed within 24 hours to collect serum and frozen at -20°C. Unless species otherwise, this preparation is not ster

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