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Home Page >Online Product Catalog > Primary Antibodies > Beta-actin, Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (G3PDH) > Rabbit Beta Actin (muscle) protein control for Western (WB Control)

Rabbit Beta Actin (muscle) protein control for Western

Catalog# Product Description Product Type Antibody Type Size Price
ACTB15-C Rabbit Beta Actin (muscle) protein control for Western WB Control 100 ul $225.00

Skeletal muscle actin was purified (>95%) from rabbit (cat # ACTB16-N-1) and used for control. For Western blot +ve control (Cat # ACTB15-C) is supplied in SDS-PAGE sample buffer (reduced). Load 10 ul/lane of ACTB15-C for good visibility with antibody Cat # ACTB15-S or other antibodies.


Antiserum Unpurified

For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Data Sheets


General Information

Actin and myosin are the two major cytoskeleton proteins implicated in cellular movement, secretion, phagocytosis, and kinesis. Actin is one of the most conserved cellular protein. At least 6 actin isoforms have been identified by protein sequence analy

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ADI Product Used Authors, Year, Journal, Title Technique used Comments
Actin ab #ACTB12-M Lim G  2003  Pain 105, 275-283  Upregulation of spinal cannabinoid-1-receptors following nerve injury enhances the effects of Win 55,212-2 on neuropathic pain behaviors in rats &n  
Actin ab #ACTB12-M Brandoni A  2006  BBA 1762, 673-682  Renal elimination of P-aminohippurate (PAH) in response to three days of biliary obstruction in the rat. The role of OAT1 and OAT3 &n   rat kidney, used control peptide
Actin ab #ACTB12-M Ernest NJ  2007  Brain Research, Volume 1144, 4 May 2007, Pages 231-238  Extracellular glutamine is a critical modulator for regulatory volume increase in human glioma cells &n   D54-MG and U251 human glioma cells, and rat kidney
Actin ab #ACTB12-M Vaschetto  2007  J. Leukoc. Biol., Apr 2007; 81: 1022 - 103  Role of human neutrophil peptides in the initial interaction between lung epithelial cells and CD4+ lymphocytes &n   anti-human actin Mab
actin-beta/Rb Ab#ACTB11-S Lim G  2005  Pain 114, 81-92  Evidence for a long-term influence on morphie tolerance after previous morphine exposure: role of neuronal glucocorticoid receptors &n   rat brain
actin-beta/Rb Ab#ACTB11-S Lim G  2005  J. Neurosci., Nov 2005; 25: 11145 - 11154  Expression of Spinal NMDA Receptor and PKC after Chronic Morphine Is Regulated by Spinal Glucocorticoid Receptor &n   rat brain
actin-beta/Rb Ab#ACTB11-S Lim G  2005  Brain Res. 1059, 20-27  Central glucocorticoid receptors modulate the expression of spinal cannabinoid receptors induced by chronic morphine exposure &n   rat brain tissues, re-probed after stripping
actin-beta/Rb poly #ACBT11-S Khine AA  2005  Blood 107: 2936 - 2942  Human neutrophil peptides induce interleukin-8 production via P2Y6 signaling pathway &n  
GAPDH/G3PDH ab#G33DH11-M Horton JK  2007  DNA Repair, Volume 6, Issue 6, 1 June 2007, Pages 742-750  ATR signaling mediates an S-phase checkpoint after inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity &n   aktr fibroblast
beta-actin Ab#ACTB11-S Wang S  2005  Pain, 116, s 1-2, 87-95  A rat model of unilateral hindpaw burn injury: Slowly developing rightwards shift of the morphine doseĀ–response curve &n   rat tissues beta actin ab @1:20000; reprobed
beta-actin Ab#ACTB11-S Wang S  2006  Pain, 120, 78-85  Downregulation of spinal glutamate transporter EAAC1 followingnerve injury is regulated by central glucocorticoid receptors in rats &n   rat brain
beta-actin Ab#ACTB11-S Lim J  2006  Brain Research, 1123, 80-88  Intrathecal midazolam regulates spinal AMPA receptor expression and function after nerve injury in rats &n   rat spinal cord
beta-actin Ab#ACTB11-S Wang S  2004  J. Neurosci., 24: 8595 - 8605  Expression of Central Glucocorticoid Receptors after Peripheral Nerve Injury Contributes to Neuropathic Pain Behaviors in Rats &n   beta-actin ab @1:20000; reprobed
beta-actin Ab#ACTB11-S Wang S  2005  J. Neurosci., 25: 488 - 495  Central Glucocorticoid Receptors Modulate the Expression and Function of Spinal NMDA Receptors after Peripheral Nerve Injury &n   beta-actin ab @1:20000; reprobed
beta-actin Ab#ACTB11-S Wang S  2007  Pain, Volume 131, Issues 1-2, September 2007, Pages 96-105  Central glucocorticoid receptors regulate the upregulation of spinal cannabinoid-1 receptors after peripheral nerve injury in rats &n   rat spinal cord; beta-actin ab @1:20000; reprobed
beta-actin mono Ab#ACTB12-M Damiano AE  2006  Placenta 27, 1073-1081  Functional and Molecular Expression of AQP9 Channel and UT-A Transporter in Normal and Preeclamptic Human Placentas &n   human villous tissue
beta-actin mono Ab#ACTB12-M Ahron R  2006  J. Biol. Chem., Jul 2006; 281: 19305 - 19309  Involvement of Aquaporin 9 in Osteoclast Differentiation &n   mouse bone marrow cells (BMM) and mouse macrophage RAW cells
beta-tubulin Ab Castro AM  2007  Journal of Neurochemistry, OnlineEarly Articles. Published article online: 11-May-2007  Intracellular ascorbic acid inhibits transport of glucose by neurons, but not by astrocytes &n   anti-GLUT1, anti-GLUT3, anti-bIII-tubulin antibodies; rat brain

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